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We have conducted many commercial energy audits in a wide variety of industries. The energy savings that we identified were, in some cases, quite substantial. Some of those case studies are detailed below.

Case Studies

Commercial Plant Nursery

We identified savings in several areas.

These savings would reduce their energy spend by over 63%.

The payback period was under 2 years

Meat processing works

We performed a walk around audit and did extensive analysis of their interval metering data.

This identified substantial effect of temperature on their refrigeration systems as well as impacting on their kVA demand charges.

The walk around also identified substantial savings with their truck wash and other systems.

Ecodecisions identified savings of 30% on their energy bills. The payback on implementation cost was 1.9 years

Commercial Supermarket

We identified savings of over 38% in their energy consumption.

Pay back time on implementation costs was 1.2 years

Potato Farm

We conducted a billing analysis on 18 separate meters plus a walk around audit at each site.

Consolidation of the bills and renegotiating their contracts saved them over $24,000 p.a.

This represented a saving of 20% on their bills.

Further savings were identified with their coolrooms and pumps  which totalled an extra saving of $40,000 p.a.

We also used a thermal imaging camera on all sites and discovered a faulty bearing on a large pump plus two serious faults on an old electrical switchboard