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Carbon Management

Whether it is the pressure of increased costs or your customers are requesting your carbon footprint as an input into their supply chain management systems the emphasis on your carbon footprint and how to reduce it has never been greater. At Ecodecisions we can not only calculate your carbon footprint but we can also identify and recommend appropriate carbon reduction strategies that will reduce costs and more importantly help you implement them successfully.

Commercial Energy Auditing

How much energy is your company wasting every year? With a comprehensive energy audit we can help you identify where you are wasting energy and then formulate a comprehensive report which details retrofit options and costings. More importantly we also document the savings you can make. During an audit of one company we identified a number of energy saving solutions which would cost approximately $17,000. The potential savings over ten years was in excess of $250,000

All energy auditing is conducted according to the Australian Standard; AS/NZS3598:2014 They can be either a level 1, 2 or level 3 audit, depending on the client’s requirements.

To find out more about the types of audit please click here

Staff Training

Ecodecisions has at its disposal some highly qualified and experienced trainers. All carry a minimum of Certificate IV in training and assessment. This means that we can not only identify areas of sustainability improvement within your organisation, we can also design and implement high quality training courses to help you develop your sustainable business. Renewable and Alternative energy consulting and design Ecodecisions have experts on staff that are fully qualified in many aspects of Renewable Energy Systems and, because we do not sell systems, can offer independent unbiased advice on the suitability of a renewable energy system for your organisation.

LED lighting planning and supply


Lighting can be a large part of energy expenditure. We can analyse your current lighting and recommend cost effective solutions that meet Australian Standards. Our trained staff use special software that can design your lighting plan and more importantly, give you a full report detailing illumination levels and watts per square meter calculations. This is especially important for new buildings and renovations that have to comply with Section J of the National Construction Code.

We also do what we term as “Intelligent Delamping”  Many commercial premises are “over-lit”. That is to say that the light levels are a lot higher than the standards specify.

We use our light planning software to develop a proper light plan and this often means that we can reduce the number of light fittings, thus saving you more energy

Once we have determined the energy efficiency measures that are needed, we can help manage the project for you which can free up you valuable staff for other important duties Behavioural Assessments and change facilitation Often, the key to sustainability within an organisation is the organisational culture of the enterprise as well as its documented practices and principles. EcoDecisions can help you to identify these aspects of organisational behaviour and recommend an appropriate program to help implement your sustainable policies and procedures

Thermal Assessments

By utilising some of the most state-of-the-art thermal imaging and analysis tools, Ecodecisions is ideally placed to analyse and correct heating and cooling losses within an office or domestic environment. We can also use our thermal imaging equipment to identify hidden electrical faults as well as problems with insulation etc. These assessments are conducted by our own accredited Level one Thermographer

Energy Efficient Building Design

Looking to construct or renovate a building? People are now realizing that the building can contribute significantly to their running costs. Our consultants can work with you to ensure that your building can work as efficiently as possible Ecodecisions has a solid background in energy efficient building design. We can work with you to ensure that the building is not only energy efficient but is also highly sustainable.

Graeme Ambrose designed and had built an energy efficient home in East Gippsland in 2004.

It won a Master Builders and HIA award for sustainability.

A video of some of it’s features can be found here.

An interview with ABC Gippsland can be heard here.


EcoDecisions Is a company dedicated to helping you become more energy efficient and reducing your environmental footprint. We are sustainability consultants who conduct energy audits (both commercial and domestic), sustainability audits and ISO14001 (environmental management systems) audits We also offer some of the most cutting edge LED lighting solutions.

We will be constantly upgrading this site with new and exciting products, case studies and useful information. Please e-mail us at or call us at 03 9770 5686. At Ecodecisions, your energy bills have got to be lower.